CodeGuard Wordpress Plugins

CodeGuard Wordpress Plugins

CodeGuard Wordpress Plugins

Projected as a one-stop security solution for your website, CodeGuard protects websites from malware attacks and performs enterprise-level backups. Along with website backups, this backup plugins includes features such as automatic WordPress plugin updates, website migration, website staging, and customer management dashboards.

List of Features

  • Performs an automatic backup of your WordPress website with real-time updates.
  • Performs an automatic backup of your WordPress website with real-time updates.
  • Continuous monitoring and automatic backup of any data changes on your website
  • Includes both website restoration feature (for restoring entire website) and selective restoration feature (for restoring selected files or folders).
  • Default storage of backup data for 90 days.
  • Supports storage of backup data on cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services and Simple Storage System (also known as S3).

List of Benefits

  • Automatic backup of any changes on your WordPress website.
  • The facility of including (or excluding) selected files, folders, or databases from the backup process.
  • Incremental and daily backups of only data changes, thus saving disk space.
  • Built-in technology for automatic user notification of any file additions, changes, or removal.
  • In addition to WordPress, it supports other web development platforms including Drupal, Joomla, and Magento.


  • Priority queuing for tasks such as on-demand backup process and website restoration.
  • Depending on the selected plan, customers subscribed to lower-priced plans may have to wait longer for any response to their queries. Customers with higher-priced plans get services like on-demand website backup and website restoration faster


Free and paid version, with the paid version starting from $60 each year (for 1 website).


Through this article, we discussed the importance of having a comprehensive backup solution that can restore your compromised WordPress website in quick time to minimize your business losses.
We compared the best of the available backup plugins in the market. While plugins like BackupBuddy and BlogVault are easy to use as compared to the other 2 plugins, their paid versions are also more expensive.
Overall for its price value, BlogVault offers a complete backup and restoration package with useful features like a user-friendly interface, website restoration, and staging features, and dashboard management. Additionally, its reliable customer support can reduce your overall security concerns. Hence, we would recommend BlogVault as the ideal solution for your website backups. However, selecting the right backup tool also depends on the requirement of your specific website and which of these tools fit your requirements to the maximum.
So, do let us know which backup tool are you using for your WordPress website and why? Leave your comments below.

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