BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin 

BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin

BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin 

The BackupBuddy plugin from iThemes is a complete WordPress backup and restore solution that can complete a website backup quickly. Along with backup facilities, BackupBuddy can implement a complete migration of a WordPress website to a new domain or web host.
Unlike other WordPress backup plugins, BackupBuddy claims it can create a backup of the entire website including its widgets, settings, and custom post types. It also offers a downloadable zip file containing the backup data that you can store on your local computer or on a cloud platform.

List of Features

  • A comprehensive WordPress website backup and restore solution.
  • Can be used for scheduled backups (example on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis).
  • Can store your data backups automatically on cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3, FTP, and BackupBuddy Stash (which is their own cloud service). You can also email the backed-up data as a file attachment.
  • Enables off-site storage of data by automatically sending backup files to multiple remote storage locations.
  • Supports downloadable backups (as .zip files). On completion of the backup process, BackupBuddy provides a zip file with your website data that you can download.
  • BackupBuddy migration feature allows web developers to build their custom websites locally (or on a temporary domain) and then migrate the site to a live domain.
  • Ability to exclude selected files and database tables from the backup.
  • Restore feature that enables quick and easy restoration of any WordPress website.
Email notifications sent to users to instantly alert them of backup process completion.

List of Benefits

  • Enables complete backup of WordPress website data.
  • Ability to migrate a WordPress website to another web host or domain
  • Access to online support forums, the latest plugin updates, and around 1GB – 5GB of cloud-enabled storage space for your data backups.
  • Features the ImportBuddy tool for complete migration and restoration of your website.
  • Provides website cloning facility on a temporary basis
  • Provides the status of all recent backups of your website.
  • Supported by online tutorials and product documentation.


  • No free version of the backup solution is available
  • Scheduling of backups is neither easy nor user-friendly to be executed by a regular user.
  • Website restoration is not easy and quick as downloading of a selected backup version and uploading to the web server takes time.
  • Does not have built-in support for data encryption that ensures the safety of your backups. Can implement this feature only by integrating with other iThemes products.
  • Online product support through community forums is not very user-friendly.
  • Does not support multisite


Customer support available only on a paid version that is priced starting from $80 a year (for 2 websites).

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