The ultimate guide to screen resolution

Picking a monitor with the correct screen resolution for your needs is essential for creatives and designers – here's why.

Welcome to our screen resolution guide. In this guide we'll explain why the screen resolution of your monitor is so important for designers, artists and photographers. We'll also look at how the screen resolution of a monitor can impact your digital work, how to buy the best monitor for your needs with the ideal resolution, and how to check the resolution of your current monitor.
Knowing what the ideal screen resolution is for your needs is something that every designer, digital artist or photographer needs to know. Your monitor is one of the most important tools when creating digitally, as it shows you what's happening when you're creating your art, as well as of course, showing off the final product.

The resolution of your screen has a huge impact in how your work is displayed, and getting the right screen resolution for your needs means you can work comfortably, while ensuring your art looks as good as possible. 
Having screen resolution that's too high can make icons and texts too small to use, and can add additional strain onto your hardware as it struggles to push those high resolutions. On the other hand, having a screen resolution that's too low can result in poor image quality that doesn't do your work justice, and can mean you don't get as much workspace on your monitor as you need.
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