5 Effective WordPress Plugins to Lift Up Your Sharing Rate

When it comes to getting your business to the world, you need to invest in content marketing and blogging. When your business is present online, you increase the chances of connecting with new and prospective customers. This is the best way to enhance accessibility for your business; however, getting your content in front of your target audience can be hectic.

The content marketing world is currently experiencing a stiff competition which means even if you write outstanding, top-notch and quality content; it is still hard to get your blog posts to the right readers.
To make your content to reach a wider readership, you need to make it sharable. But how can you have users to share your content? You need to come up with techniques that will encourage readers to share your content on social media conveniently.
You need to find ways to convert your readers into your loyal customers by sharing awesome content. Note that writing content that is awesome does not add any value to your blog if readers can’t find it online.
This is why you need to use effective WordPress plugins to increase your content sharing rate. This way you will minimize the chances of losing visitors and increase engagements by giving them more related content that will keep them glued to your site and reduce bounce rate.
The good news is that there are thousands of WordPress plugins out there that can make the content sharing process to be easy.
Continue reading as we continue to share the 10 effective WordPress plugins to increase sharing of your content.
1. Easy Social Share Button
Easy Social Share Button
If you are really struggling to make your content shareable, then your number one WordPress plugin should be Easy social share button. As the name suggests, this WordPress premium plugin allows easy sharing of content up to 20 social networks and more. It is usually a one-click button that points to different social media networks.
You can place this button alongside your web-pages/blog posts or at the top but it still offers about 22 placement options you can choose from. This WordPress plugin gives your website/blog readers a complete control over how and where they can share the content.
With this WordPress plugin on your site, your content will become incredibly shareable across many networks.
2. Social Profile Linking
Social Profile Linking
Now, when it comes to content marketing, content marketers must aim to increase the sharing of content and also get more followers on their social media platforms. Once you get more followers the likelihood of your content being shared regularly increases.
That’s where Social profile linking comes in. Unlike the other premium WordPress plugins, this is a free plugin that can lift up your following fast and proficiently. You just need to place social icons on a bar inside your site, and when readers click on the icons, they are directed to your different social media profiles.
This way, readers can get the opportunity to subscribe to keep getting new updates whenever you share new content and share it with their friends and followers too. The good thing about this plugin is that it offers you full control of what social icons and networks to place in your site which could include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more.
3. MashShare
MashShare is also an awesome WordPress plugin that helps you to choose what social share button to add to your site. This plugin will also show your real share count and virtual shares so you can tell whether your content is being shared and at what rate. The good thing about this WordPress plugin is that it utilizes smart catching to display share counts so, readers can’t find your site being sluggish.
Another greatest thing is that this plugin has a fantastic add-on to allow you to ask readers to like a page after sharing your posts.
4. WP Social Sharing
WP Social Sharing
WP Social Sharing is a free WordPress plugin that’s trivial when compared to other previous plugins. This plugin allows you to add social share icons for the most popular social media networks easily.
WP social sharing lets you add share buttons for:
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Reddit
Besides, you can also use a custom share text and insert a custom share text before any share button.
5. Shareaholic
Shareaholic is also a free but an effective WordPress plugin that is rich in amazing features. It is an all-inclusive social share plugin that allows users to add social share buttons and also display related post alongside the buttons.
This powerful plugin will also provide incredible social share analytics. You don’t have to use any coding when choosing sharing buttons, whether floating or non-floating which makes it ideal for new WordPress users.
The good thing about floated share buttons is that when a reader scrolls down a page, these buttons follows back which makes it easier for them to share your content conveniently. It supports numerous URL services such as bitly.

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